The Right Motor

Andis tools utilize expertly developed motor technology designed to complement the application, ensuring maximum performance. The question isn't so much which clipper motor is best? Instead you should be asking which motor will suit my cutting needs. Read on to learn more about Andis clipper motors.

Magnetic Motors

Reliable Power & High Blade Speed

Magnetic motors run at high speeds resulting in smooth cuts. Light textures of hair will feed and cut well with magnetic motor clippers. Less moving parts make these simple, reliable and the longest lasting of all the motors.
Magnetic Motor

Pivot Motors

High Power & Lower Blade Speed

Pivot motors have a lower blade speed than magnetic motors but are twice as powerful. Higher cutting power makes them ideal for cutting thick or heavy hair. They are whisper quiet, cool running and long lasting.
Pivot Motor

Rotary Motors

High Power & High Blade Speed

Rotary motors have an equal amount of power and blade speed. They are also the only motor available with multiple speeds. Their balance between power, speed, size and weight makes them extremely versatile and perfect for heavy-duty cutting.
Rotary Motor