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Large image of Young man in barber chair getting hair cut Small image of Young man in barber chair getting hair cut
New York, NY

How I give Back

Troy’s Story

Barber and speaker Troy Hugie knows no two routes to success look the same. Informed by his struggles and his passions, Troy created his own roadmap. One that took him from a college dropout lacking confidence, to a highly-skilled master barber. And he didn't stop there. Troy turned his career into something that provides more than an income. As a speaker and a mentor, he relishes the opportunity to inspire New York City youth, encouraging them to reframe struggles and find their own versions of success?a creative act worthy of celebration

Visalia , CA

My Story

Fredo’s Story

Fredo Olan wants to leave something behind that's bigger than himself. Through the barber college founded by Fredo and his wife, he is able to mold young barbers into true creative professionals that use their skills to make the world a better place. He instills in all his protegees a passion for the craft and a desire to make others feel good about themselves. He is inspired by his family to be a better version of himself every day.

Boulder, CO

My Favorite Andis Tool

Justin’s Story

My favorite tool is the Andis Master. I've used it for over ten years and it never disappoints. The motor cuts through anything, it's easy to clean and maintain, plus the 000-1 means you don't have to worry about changing guards so often.

Lubbock , TX

My Story

Victor’s Story

Barbering gives Victor Esparza a chance to learn every day. He has gone from being a reluctant barber college entrant, to a role model and ambassador for people in his community. He has learned how to balance his profession and the people who are important to him, and is on a mission to help others discover what they can give to the world.

Miami , FL

My Story

Bryant’s Story

After moving to a shop that better suited him, Bryant Gutierrez's career took off. He went from questioning his abilities, to being an award-nominated, master barber. Bryant learned to stay focused, and mindful of the company he keeps, and advises other barbers to do the same. However, he is not only in the game for the awards and accolades. Bryant knows he has the ability to make people feel better and lift them up, even in their final days.

Danbury , CT

My Story

Victor’s Story

Victor Quispe surrounds himself with uplifting, positive people because he knows how important that energy is to his creative pursuits. He has learned to master the atmosphere of the barbershop so it is conducive to success. His 11-year career has been full of memorable moments of creative connection with his clients and friends.

Suitland, MD

My Story

Daraile’s Story

Daraile Cunningham sees potential everywhere. Potential to learn, potential to teach, potential to create. Drawing inspiration from the previous generations of barbers in his family, he became a noteworthy barber in the industry and his community. Whether it's putting on community events or mentoring up-and-coming barbers, Daraile consistently embodies creative empowerment. By keeping his mind open to what the future holds, he positions himself to be a creative force for good for a long time.

Columbus , OH

My Favorite Andis Tool

Dale’s Story

The Andis Masters have been a part of Dale Williams' life for a long time. He was introduced to them out of necessity, but over time, they became his trusted partner as he went from cutting his own hair to the whole neighborhood's hair. The Andis Masters continue to empower Dale's creative expression to this day, supplementing the master barber as he brings people's visions to life.

Denver , CO

My Story

Jorge’s Story

Jorge Saldana sees himself as a leader and a protector of energy in his barbershop. He knows how important inspiration, energy, knowledge, and positivity are to creative pursuits, and he puts it on himself to provide those things to his team. In doing so, he is a constant inspiration to those around him.

Miami, FL

My Favorite Andis Tool

Josue’s Story

Josue Romer loves everything about the Andis Slimine Pro, but most importantly he love its incredible cutting capabilities. His top tip for other stylists and barbers; modify the blades when possible.

Los Angeles, CA

My Story

Vanessa’s Story

When Vanessa Rene's salon was forced to shut down due to the pandemic, she was heartbroken and nervous for the uncertain future ahead. But, Vanessa didn't let the pain of closing her shop stop her, she pushed forward and is now happier than ever in a new role with more freedom. She also utilized her time off during the pandemic to give back to her community and raise funds for over 70 freelancers. Now Vanessa rents a chair at a salon and uses every day as an opportunity to learn and grow from her peers, making her a better and more passionate stylist.

San Jose, CA

My Creation / My Style

Tavion’s Story

Tavion, aka Tee the Barber, has been cutting hair and honing his craft since his dad taught him how to cut in the nineties. Tee's favorite Andis products is the original Master clipper, the exact same clipper his dad used to teach him. The blade speed, blade range, and overall power allow him to create dynamic looks, like his iconic drop fade.