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Women's Lithium-Ion Wet & Dry Shaver 6-Piece Kit

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Ergonomic and lightweight, the Andis Women's Wet + Dry Shaver, 6-Piece Kit, makes bigger jobs less of a chore. Use this powerful full-body shaver on legs, arms and the bikini area for smooth,

What’s Included:

  • Blade Brush
  • Blade Guard
  • Charger Stand
  • Cord Pack Adapter
  • Soft Storage Case

Women's Lithium-Ion Wet & Dry Shaver 6-Piece Kit

Girl on the go - remove hair whenever and wherever

Deal with your hair your way with the Andis Women Wet + Dry Shaver, 6-Piece Kit. This versatile shaver can be used wet or dry, wherever and whenever you want. Thanks to consistent power, you get less tugging for a smooth, ouch-free shave. With  its feather-light, slim profile, the powerful motor inside effortlessly shaves legs, arms, and bikini areas without irritating skin. Attach the snag-free foil guard for longer trimming. A premium, snap-in charge stand keeps your tool within reach while the durable lithium-ion battery stays strong for over an hour per charge. It is rechargeable, reusable, and sustainable so you can feel fresh and create a

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